21 Savage Gives Fans a Wild Night at The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour in Denver

Photos & Review: Monster Energy Outbreak Tour
Featuring: 21 Savage, MARCB, Young M.A., Young Nudy & Tee Grizzley
The Ogden Theatre, Denver CO

Photos and review by: Austin Voldseth

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21 Savage made his trip to Denver for the first time this year to the Ogden Theatre on April 4th for the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. Now despite the weather, (which was heavy snow fall) nothing could stop a 21 Savage fan from waiting in line hours before the doors even opened. The venue was the most packed I’ve ever seen it before the first opener went on! 

The first act of the night was Tee Grizzley, coming from Detroit, and he got the large opening crowd hyped for the night with amped vibes. After that Young Nudy took the stage with the rest of the Slime ball crew. To give the crowd even more fire, they handed out free Monsters all thanks to the sponsor Monster Energy. However those weren’t the only things that were passed out. Right before going on stage they also came out with a little Styrofoam bowl full of weed, and passed out samples. After that, they just dowsed the crowd in water bottle after water bottle, myself included (good thing for weather proof cameras). 

Then came the last opening act, the queen of Brooklyn, Young M.A. The crowd was ecstatic and chanted along to all her songs, but near the end of her set she put a freestyle in and closed out. The crowd then pushed the front and waited, and waited for the show to begin. Everyone trying their best to have one hand on that front gate to get a spot.

Then, the lights dimmed, the screams were at an all time high, and the red spotlight hit that cabin door. Finally out came the one we all waited to see, 21 Savage, wearing a gray jumpsuit, holding a machete, and wearing a Jason Voorhees slasher mask. As the night went on, about half way through the set, an intermission was performed by MARCB, who played some crowd pleasers and even invited two young kids onstage to have a dance battle that you couldn’t help but smile at. Finally, 21 came back out and performed a couple more songs before closing off the night with the huge smash hit “X”.  Needless to say Denver can’t wait to have 21 Savage back again already this year.