Colours @ The Bluebird Theater, 6/21/16

Photos: Colours
Featuring: Colours
The Bluebird Theater, Denver CO

Photos: Shannon Shumaker
Review: Dom Vigil

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When I first heard that electronic two-piece Colours would be serving as direct support for Andy Black of Black Veil Brides’ solo headlining tour, I was surprised. Not because I didn’t think that the duo couldn’t handle it, but because it seemed like an interesting bill. Would Andy Black’s devoted fans welcome Colours with open arms, or would their performance fall flat on fans who were only excited for the headliner? I don’t know why I even questioned it, because as soon as vocalist Kyle Tamo opened his mouth at the band's Denver show, the crowd was in awe.

Not only did Colours' moody, electronic sound put listeners in a trance, but their stage presence, lighting and mannerisms completely set the mood for their entire set. The stage was backlit by a few colorful lights on either side and a light-up Colours sign, and this was by no accident. Later in the set, Tamo addressed the atmosphere and aesthetic of their performance, telling fans that he understood that it might be hard to see while they’re backlit, but it makes it easy for himself and drummer Morgan Alley to see them - the fans who made the tour possible. Not only did kind words like this, and Tamo’s sweet responses to fans screaming “I love you!” at him win the crowd over, but so did Colours signature sound.

Where Colours lack in the rock-n-roll energy that Andy Black’s fans expected from the show, they more than made up for in spectacular vocal runs, intricate drumming and a perfectly tailored set that started off high energy before becoming dark and moody and ending with their hit single, “Monster” from their new album, Ivory. As a fan of Tamo and Alley’s former band, Burden of a Day as well as Colours, I may be a bit biased, but it’s safe to say that Colours not only won over the entire venue (if the line at their merch table after their set was any indicator) but they completely stole the show.