Pierce The Veil @ Summit Music Hall, 6/7/16

Photos: Pierce The Veil
Featuring: Pierce The Veil, I The Mighty & Movements
Summit Music Hall, Denver CO

Photos & review by: Shannon Shumaker

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When Pierce The Veil came through Denver for the second date of their Misadventures tour, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The band dropped their new album, Misadventures less than a month prior, and were set to play it full, which seemed pretty risky. What if fans weren’t feeling it? What if they wanted to hear some older music? What would the turnout be like? Honestly, I don’t know why I wondered any of this, because it’s Pierce The Veil, for crying out loud. With such a dedicated fanbase (people were lining up outside the venue starting at four in the morning) it was no surprise that everyone knew every word to every song the band played, and with two strong supporting acts to open, the show was stellar from start to finish.

Opening up the show was Califorina post-hardcore band, Movements. I had listened to the band a little bit before the show, but overall was fairly unfamiliar with them. Thankfully, they did a tremendous job capturing the crowd’s attention and changing the mood in the entire venue. With a sound similar to Citizen, one would think that a band like Movements would not fit the bill, but as it turns out, Pierce The Veil have always been and still are great at choosing opening acts for their tours. Movements were able to entertain the crowd throughout the duration of their set, and by the time it came to an end, there were even a few excited crowd surfers.

Following Movements’ set was I The Mighty, who just wrapped up their own tour overseas with Hands Like Houses, and started their set off with a bang. “Lady of Death” proved to be the perfect opener to get the crowd excited, and in no time, fans were jumping up and down, and those familiar with the band were singing along. Even if you had never listened to I The Mighty before, they were great at making you feel included. It was impossible not to enjoy their set, as each member practically radiated charisma on stage. From bassist Chris Hinkley, who was all smiles, constantly urging the crowd to jump and sing along to vocalist Brent Walsh talking with the crowd between songs, it was easy to feel included in the show, even from the back of the crowd.

Easily the high point in I The Mighty’s set came during their track, “Slow Dancing Forever,” when Brent jumped into the crowd, much to the excitement of fans. I The Mighty’s set was littered with both new and old songs, giving new listeners a taste of what to expect from them while keeping fans satisfied.

Then it was the moment everyone was waiting for. When the lights finally dimmed and Pierce The Veil took the stage, the crowd went absolutely wild, and within just a few moments, any doubts I had about the band playing their new album in full went right out the window. Not only was everyone singing along with every single word, but the band seemed confident as ever on stage, as if they had been playing these songs live for years. Opening track, “Dive In” transitioned seamlessly into the wild “Texas Is Forever” and as confetti cannons went off and fans were immersed in Pierce The Veil’s world, it was apparent that we were in for a real treat.

In no time, there were multiple crowd surfers and fans sitting on one another’s shoulders to sing along. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was watching a headlining band at a huge festival, not a sold-out show at Summit Music Hall. Song after song, Pierce The Veil not only delivered, but made each concert-goer feel involved and appreciated. Easily one of the highlights of the set was during the last song, though, when frontman Vic Fuentes urged fans to sing along at the very end, expressing that “Song For Isabelle” is their song. This was after more confetti and streamers were shot into the air and streamers were left hanging from the lights and rafters. The result, while fans sang their hearts out and white lights illuminated the entire venue, was absolutely surreal. And even after that, the band eventually came back for two more fan-favorite songs, “Bulls In The Bronx” and “King For A Day,” which naturally, the crowd went absolutely wild for.

As sweaty, smiling fans finally began to pile out of the venue and into the street, it was apparent that we had all just witnessed something special. From the incredible openers who started the night off on the right foot to Pierce The Veil, who managed to outdo themselves yet again, I for one was glad to have witnessed only the second date of the short Misadventures tour, as it is something that nobody will get to see again after it is over. If the tour is coming through your city, I urge you to show up early and stay late. It’s well worth it.