Sticky Fingers @ Larimer Lounge, 5/18/16

Photos: Sticky Fingers
Featuring: Sticky Fingers & Bootleg Rascal
Larimer Lounge, Denver CO

Photos & review by: Shannon Shumaker

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I’ve never really attended a show quite like the one that Sticky Fingers put on in Denver on Wednesday night. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived at the already full Larimer Lounge, but it definitely wasn’t the positive atmosphere and fun-loving energy that was present for the majority of the night. 

Opening the show was Bootleg Rascal, and despite the fact that they took the stage fairly late (at 9:30 instead of 9:00) the crowd did not seem put off by any means. The second that the band took the stage, it was to the excited cheers from the crowd, and instantly, I felt out of the loop. Why had I never listened to this band before? I immediately regretted it as they shelled out track after groovy track, the entire crowd dancing or singing along. Even those who, like me, hadn’t listened to Bootleg Rascal before were captivated by their performance. It was impossible to be in a bad mood while watching the band’s performance, and by the time they eventually left the stage, I was even more excited to see what the headlining band would bring. 

Again, Sticky Fingers took me by surprise. The relatively calm crowd erupted the second that the band took the stage, and suddenly, The Larimer Lounge was up in smoke… And I mean, it’s Denver, and it’s Sticky Fingers, so I’m sure you can assume what kind of smoke I’m talking about here. While Sticky Fingers sounded absolutely flawless, it’s safe to say that the best part about their performance wasn’t the sound, but the energy on stage and in the small room. Not only did the band seem to be having a fun time on stage, but the crowd was fun and welcoming. Everyone was there to have a good time, and if you weren’t doing so, then they were going to make sure you were. Even when I nicely asked a taller man if I could stand in front of him (half expecting an eye roll or an attitude like most other shows) he immediately grabbed by shoulders and shouted, “She’s trying to get up front! Let’s help her out!” 

As someone who normally wouldn’t attend a show like this, Sticky Fingers and Bootleg Rascal completely won me over. When I (and likely everyone else in the crowd) left the venue, it was knowing that I experienced something truly special. The sense of community in the crowd and energy on stage was not something to be missed.