Blaqk Audio @ The Bluebird Theater, 5/14/16

Photos: Blaqk Audio
Featuring: Blaqk Audio, Night Riots & Charming Liars
The Bluebird Theater, Denver CO

Photos & review by: Shannon Shumaker

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The Bluebird Theater is a small venue with no barricade, and while it has tiered levels similar to that of Denver’s Ogden and Gothic Theatres, it is quite possibly one of the more intimate venues in the city, which made it the perfect setting for Blaqk Audio’s headlining show in support of their new album, Material. Fans of all ages came out on Saturday night to support the electronic side project of AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget. 

While The Bluebird was nowhere near full by the time openers Charming Liars hit the stage, all eyes were on the band. The LA-based band commanded the room within minutes of their opening song, vocalist Kiliyan Maguire’s mannerisms and dance moves on stage, as well as his stellar vocals demanding the attention of everyone in the crowd. Even those who hadn’t heard of Charming Liars previously were cheering loudly in between songs, and when the band asked for crowd participation, they received it. 

Charming Liars were successful at energizing the crowd, preparing them for the following band - Night Riots. Having heard plenty of good things about the California-based band, I was excited to see what they would bring to the stage, and thankfully, they did not disappoint. From fan favorite songs off their 2015 release Howl to their flawless cover of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” Night Riots delivered and then some. 

Following Night Riots was the moment everyone was waiting for. The venue seemed to fill out and the crowd squeezed closer to the stage as they eagerly awaited Blaqk Audio’s performance. And thankfully, they didn’t have to wait long. Soon, the lights were dimming and Jade Puget was taking the stage, starting off the set with “Again, Again and Again” before Davey Havok arrived. Swapping his usual leather jacket from his performances with AFI for a more sleek suit, Havok commanded the stage within seconds while fans sang along with every word. Song after song, not only did the duo deliver, but Havok was quick to entertain the crowd, crouching down to grab hands and even singing in the faces of those who didn’t seem to be paying enough attention. With a light show to supplement the flawless vocals and instrumentals, it was damn near impossible to look away from the stage. 

Regardless of the band, whether they’re touring with AFI or Blaqk Audio, which is arguably on the opposite end of the musical spectrum, the energy in the room was the same - only, there was maybe a little bit more dancing. Fans were still singing along passionately, and the duo did not ignore the crowd. The show was the perfect amount of intimate - there’s no questioning why The Bluebird Theater was nearly sold out.