Underoath @ The Ogden Theatre, 4/3/16

Photos: Underoath
Featuring: Underoath & Caspian
The Ogden Theatre, Denver CO

Photos & review by: Shannon Shumaker

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When Underoath announced their comeback tour, aptly titled the “Rebirth Tour” in August of last year, there was no doubt that their Denver stop at The Ogden Theatre would sell out in no time. And sure enough, the venue was packed full of excited, sweaty and emotional Underoath fans on a Sunday night, nearly eight months later, all anxious to see their favorite band take the stage once more. When the band embarked on their farewell tour in 2013, there was unfortunately no Colorado date, so it was no surprise that fans were more than eager to see them again, and the energy in the room was absolutely incredible.

Only one band opened up the show before Underoath, and they honestly couldn’t have picked a better opener than instrumental rock group, Caspian. From the very beginning all the way to the last note, Caspian’s set was haunting, beautiful, and most of all, captivating. Later in the night, after Underoath took the stage, frontman Spencer Chamberlain told the crowd that they chose to bring Caspian on tour because they are fans of the band and knew that Underoath fans would appreciate them as well, and he couldn’t be more right. Despite the lack of vocals, which can tend to turn some listeners with a shorter attention span off, Caspian seemed to have the full attention of the packed crowd throughout their set, earning excited, loud cheers long before they left the stage. Even for the Underoath fans in the crowd who had never heard of the opener, Caspian did not disappoint.

Despite how remarkable the opening performance was, it was apparent that everyone in the crowd was there for one reason, and one reason only: to welcome Underoath back to Colorado. I was lucky enough to catch the band merely two weeks ago at So What?! Music Festival in Texas, so I was sure that I knew what to expect, but even the festival couldn’t prepare me for the energy in The Ogden as soon as Underoath took the stage. Once the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted into screams, and when the first notes of “Young and Aspiring” rang out in the theatre, the room seemed to explode.

While Underoath’s set started fairly early in the night - just after 8:30 - the band was set to play for nearly two full hours, performing their fan-favorite albums, They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line in full. Merely two songs in, and it was apparent that Underoath were not going to disappoint. Not only did they sound incredible (which came as no surprise, even though it has been years since the band has performed together) but it was apparent that every member of Underoath was simply just happy to be on stage again. It was all smiles from everyone, and the energy on stage was at an all time high.

Honestly, the band probably could have played for two hours straight without even addressing the crowd, and nobody would have cared, but after a few songs, they took a break to say hello to Denver, receiving a warm welcome from the crowd. Just as incredible as their live sound were Spencer Chamberlain’s heartfelt messages to the crowd between songs, especially when he addressed the band’s breakup, mentioning that they never thought they’d play together again, and citing the fans for their return, saying that they wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t for them. Needless to say, the emotion in the room was palpable, from the members on stage, obviously happy to be back again, to the die-hard fans in the crowd, screaming along with every word.

Halfway through the set, Underoath took a quick break before returning to play Define The Great Line, and when they took the stage once more, the energy in the room and on stage seemed to double. Swapping a simple backdrop for a projection screen with incredible visuals, the production of the second half of the show was a sight to behold. But to be honest, Underoath could have played to a fully lit room or in pitch black - it didn’t matter to the fans who were crowd surfing and crawling over each other all night. Easily one of the coolest moments of the show came before the band’s third to last song, just as Chamberlain was about to announce “Writing On The Walls,” and noticed a fan in the crowd, sporting a cast on one arm and an Underoath tattoo on his other hand. In awe at the fan’s dedication, he crouched down, telling him that he was the reason Underoath was back on stage, and asked him to tell the crowd which song was next - to which the fan happily obliged.

By the time Underoath left the stage, it was with promises to return to Denver again soon, giving fans hope that this won’t be the last time they see Underoath, and given how happy the band looked to be back on stage again, it’s likely that they already have plans for the future. As fans poured out of the venue and into the sidewalk and street, they were all smiles, and with good reason. Underoath are back, and hopefully, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.