The Wild Feathers @ The Bluebird Theater, 3/28/16

Photos: The Wild Feathers
Featuring: The Wild Feathers & Liz Cooper & The Stampede
The Bluebird Theater, Denver CO

Photos by: Shannon Shumaker
Review by: Dom Vigil

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I can’t even begin to count just how many bands I’ve seen live, but without a doubt, The Wild Feathers blow them all out of the water. Having just released their new album, Lonely Is A Lifetime, the Nashville group brought their show to Denver on Monday, to a very enthusiastic and fun-loving crowd of all ages. While the crowd was rather mellow at the start of the night, nearly everyone was dancing by the end, from the youngest fan, Clementine (who the band was sure to give a shout-out to) to their older die-hards. The Bluebird was full of smiles as soon as The Wild Feathers took the stage, and with good reason.

Opening up the show were Denver locals, One Flew West, with a sound that fit the bill perfectly. Though I missed much of their set, the band provided a perfect opening to set the mood before Liz Cooper & The Stampede took the stage and wowed us with a beautiful feelgood set. Cooper’s voice rang out with that trademark Nashville twang, alternating between a raw grittiness and a sticky sweet sound that made her stand out in an instant. Though “The Stampede” only consists of three members, Liz Cooper, Ky Baker and Grant Prettyman, there’s an obvious reason why the name suits them - it was impossible to turn your attention away. By the time their set came to an end, it almost seemed too soon, but the crowd was definitely buzzing with anticipation for the headliners.

With a short waiting period between sets, The Wild Feathers took the stage just before 10pm much to the enjoyment of the crowd. The band opened their set with the first track from Lonely Is A Lifetime, “Overnight,” a high-energy track that kicked things off on the right foot. This being my first time seeing The Wild Feathers live, I was immediately wowed by the fact that nearly every member played and sang flawless harmonies. The chemistry between the men on stage was palpable, as they chugged forward track after track, remaining completely in-synch with one another. The vocal harmonies were absolutely one of the most remarkable parts of their live performance, as they were on point with every single note. It’s not very often that you get the chance to see a band that sounds better live than they do on their album, but The Wild Feathers are absolutely one of those acts. Nothing beats watching the group’s energy on stage, and only three songs in, I was reminded of a modern-day Eagles. The realization that I was seeing this group perform in such a small room before they inevitably blow up was incredible, to say the least.

Song after song, The Wild Feathers continued to sound flawless, from their new single, “Don’t Ask Me To Change,” to older songs such as “Left My Woman,” which the crowd supplied additional vocals for, much to the joy of the band. A high point of the set came surprisingly during “If You Don’t Love Me,” when vocalist/guitarist, Taylor Burns seemed to have a few technical difficulties with his guitar. Instead of letting that hamper the set, though, he just grabbed a mic and sang his lines with even more gusto - it was a sight to behold. And then, just in time for “Happy Again,” Burns had his guitar in hand, ready to play and sing the lead part to the upbeat track. Later in the set, when the band asked for quiet during “Lonely Is A Lifetime,” it was granted, and the stellar vocal harmonies were stronger than ever, ringing out through the silent venue.

When the set began to finally wind down, the crowd simply cheered for more, and it was no surprise when The Wild Feathers came out for one last song. And I think I speak for everyone at The Bluebird when I say that I didn’t want the show to come to an end. Watching The Wild Feathers perform is an incredible experience, and if this tour is coming through your town, I urge you to go check them out. Not only are The Wild Feathers sure to blow you away, but this is a show you don’t want to miss.