Borgore and Zomboy Bring Mind Blowing Sound and Visuals to 1st Bank Center for Safe In Sound Festival

Photos & Review: Safe In Sound Festival
Featuring: Borgore, Zomboy, LAXX, Just A Gent & Decadon
1st Bank Center, Broomfield CO

Photos by: Mike Kvackay

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Safe In Sound Festival brought booming speakers and heavy hitting electronic acts to Broomfield's 1st Bank Center on Friday, November 4th. Despite the fact that the venue lies just outside the city limits of Denver Colorado, countless fans lined up outside the venue, taking advantage of the warmer fall weather to dress up (or down) for the night's festivities. Alongside an incredible sound system, the evening's lineup consisted of Decadon, Just A Gent, LAXX, Zomboy and Borgore.

Decadon is a local artist from the small town of Highlands Ranch, who came into the music scene just last year. Mixing heavy bass music with new and old rock and roll, Decadon proved to be the perfect opener for the show, both capturing the attention of those who arrived early and providing us with something a little different to kick off the night. Throughout his set, Decadon even praised the brave fans who arrived early to see him perform, head banging their way through the night.

Later in the evening was LAXX, who hails all the way from the UK. Although the local love wasn't necessarily there, LAXX kept the party rolling with his artistic visuals and hard hitting drops. But it wasn't truly until after his performance that the term Safe In Sound came in to play. PK Sound, along with Rockstar Energy Drinks, sponsored the massive tour and brought a line of their own speakers, boasting 150k watts. What exactly does that mean? Well, if you are in the front few rows, expect mayhem. During both Zomboy and Borgore, the bass would literally rattle your skull. Luckily for me I had earplugs, but I really do not think anyone in the building cared. With a close to sold out crowd, the nearly 5,000 people in attendance enjoyed every minute the mind blowing, earth shattering sound and visuals. 

Both Zomboy and Borgore have made a name for themselves by dropping heavy hitting bass music that all can head bang to, as I witnessed all night. Alongside the incredible sound and wild energy, Borgore also had an amazing light show which complimented the enormous sound emanating from the speakers, bringing the night to a strong close and leaving concert-goers hoping for another installment of Safe In Sound next year!