Pierce The Veil Bring Misadventures to Atlanta, Georgia

Photos & Review: Pierce The Veil
Featuring: Pierce The Veil, Neck Deep & I Prevail
The Tabernacle, Atlanta GA

Photos & review: Irma Ali

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Pierce The Veil brought the Made to Destroy Tour to the Atlanta Tabernacle concert hall on October 7 with an estimated over 1,000 devoted fans in attendance. Throughout the night, the band played quite a bit of material from their new album, Misadventures to their diehard audience of all ages - young pre-teens to adults' faces were lit up the entirety of Friday night.

When I Prevail opened full force with “Scars,” the crowd gave them a warm welcome. Two of the band’s seven songs included covers that proved to be a huge success as fans were screaming the lyrics back towards the stage. A medley of “Walk” by Pantera, “One Step Closer” by Linkin Park, and “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine was performed flawlessly, getting the crowd amped up and resulting in many crowd surfers. I Prevail’s second cover included their wildly popular rendition of “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift which immediately had the entire venue singing along.

Next up was Neck Deep, but before their entrance, a speaker from the organization, Hope for the Day welcomed them to the stage. For anyone unfamiliar, the campaign focuses of suicide prevention and mental health education. The speech expressed the importance of loving and caring for one another and to know that everyone is fighting their own battle, and was received well by the accepting crowd. And when Neck Deep walked out, guitarist Sam Bowden was even wearing a Hope for the Day shirt, which further advocated awareness. The stage set up for Neck Deep looked very much like their album cover of Life’s Not Out to Get You, with a giant yellow comet reading Neck Deep in bold red letters as well as tapestries of the album art on either side, really setting the mood for their performance. The band’s set list contained was mostly made up of tracks from the 2015 release, and nobody was complaining. Their high energy performance had even the members of Neck Deep dancing and jumping. Even though they were not the headlining band, during “A Part of Me,” most of the audience was singing in harmony.

After Neck Deep, it was the moment everyone was waiting for: Pierce The Veil. There was much anticipation while everyone had their eyes on a giant white curtain which displayed a short video cartoon. This doodled video showed a tiny red rocket ship’s “misadventures” through time and space which ended with it landing on the city of Atlanta, Georgia. With that, the curtain fell and a giant cut out of a rocket ship began to light up in the background, setting the mood for the soon to be incredible set. The members of Pierce The Veil came out wearing astronaut suits and dove right in to the first song from Misadventures, “Dive In,” which was accompanied by an explosion of confetti into the crowd. By the time the first song kicked in, fans were already going hysterical as crowd surfing had already begun. 

The second song, “Caraphernelia,” featured guest vocals from I Prevail’s Brian Burkheiser, who was welcomed back to the stage with cheers and claps. Throughout the night, Pierce The Veil gave fans a nice mixture of songs from all albums, including their older track “Kissing In Cars.” “This song has never been played live before this tour,” vocalist Vic Fuentes told the crowd, “And it was written for a dear friend that asked me to write a song for his wedding.” The beautifully composed prompted phone lights from all over the venue and sing-alongs, as Vic even brought a chair out on stage and invited a young lady from the crowd up to sing along. 

As the show continued, giant Co2 jets rapidly fired as all members would jump kick in unison. The energy from the performance was unreal, especially bassist Jaime Preciado’s stage presence - his facial expressions and spinning of his bass made the crowd go wild, and he never missed a beat. Pierce The Veil has never disappointed, and as their fan base still continues to grow after almost 10 years, it’s likely that they never will.