Shot Boys Of Summer Tour @ The Masquerade, 7/29/15

Photos & Review: Shot Boys Of Summer Tour
Featuring: State Champs, Hit The Lights, Tiny Moving Parts, Let It Happen & Northbound
The Masquerade, Atlanta GA

Photos and Review by: Irma Ali

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On Wednesday, July 29th, I attended and photographed the Shot Boys of Summer tour at the Masquerade Atlanta, with the headlining band of State Champs. The lineup also included Hit the Lights, Tiny Moving Parts, Let It Happen, and Northbound.  Each band provided energy for the full venue that lit up the stage the entire night. Be sure to check out Northbound; I had never heard their live set before and it was absolutely amazing. What started out as an acoustic solo project with lead singer, Jonothan Fraser, has blossomed into an easycore pop-punk group. 

Let It Happen was a joy to watch and to shoot. I had seen them once before and they put on a powerful  show, just as before. I also enjoyed the guitarist making faces at me while I was photographing. Tiny Moving Parts always puts on a show with frontman, Dylan Mattheisen. His constant movements on stage with incredible guitar playing kept me watching the whole set. He always has a smile on his face and was extremely friendly when I chatted with him offstage. 

Hit the Lights has always been a favorite of mine since my middle school years. Seeing them perform live blew my expectations away. Their live performance sounds even better in front of me than in my headphones. I highly recommend checking them out. They were even gracious enough for me to snap a few photos of them backstage after the show. 

State Champs has an amazing fanbase and I can understand why. Even with their entrance onto the stage was original. The music played with the lights turned off and Shia Labeouf’s voice from the popular youtube video was echoing in the background “Just. Do It.” Everyone laughed and screamed when they appeared on stage. The liveliness of the crowd was amazing throughout their whole set. During the acoustic song that lead singer, Derek DiScanio played, the crowd was loud enough that they ended up singing for him. During the encore, Derek and guitarist, Ryan Scott Graham, connected more with the crowd by standing at the edge of the pit for the people in the front to reach their hands up. Be sure to check out their new record coming out October 16th.