Hot Chip @ The Ogden Theatre, 5/28/15

Photos & Review: Hot Chip
Featuring: Hot Chip & Slow Magic
The Ogden Theatre, Denver CO.

Photos and review by: Shannon Shumaker

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There may not have been crowd surfers or stage divers, or even fans screaming along the lyrics with the band, but Hot Chip definitely dominated The Ogden Theatre on Thursday night, playing to a sold out crowd of eager and devoted fans. When I walked into the venue, (or more like ran into the venue, as I was running a little late) the opening act, Slow Magic was kicking off the night to fans that were still gradually trickling through the front doors, and within seconds, I was captivated. Standing in the crowd was someone clad in a light up zebra mask, holding a floor tom and banging it along with a pulsing beat. As he climbed back onto the stage and I made my way to the front of the crowd, the set only seemed to get better and better.

For a night consisting of only two acts, Hot Chip did a great job in choosing an opener. It was hard to take your eyes off of the performance going on onstage, and on top of that, musically, it sounded awesome. Though it was just one person, a few drums and one really cool light up mask, Slow Magic had the full attention of everyone in the crowd. By the time the performance was over and the house lights came on, the venue was nearly full, and the crowd was buzzing with anticipation for the headliners - Hot Chip.

Unlike Slow Magic, Hot Chip’s performance didn’t include any crazy outfits, bright lights or climbing into the crowd. There wasn’t a big lighting production, as it seems many bands have nowadays, to keep the crowd entertained or awed, and there were no wild gimmicks or crazy stage antics. Instead, it was simply about good music. The lights on stage were dim, yet saturated and colorful, but never took away from the band’s musical performance, which left the crowd completely entranced.

As I made my way through the packed venue toward the back to get a better view of the entire stage, fans were dancing around to the music, singing along to the songs they knew and simply enjoying the ones that they didn’t, specifically tracks from Hot Chip’s new album, Why Make Sense? like their opening song, “Huarache Lights” or “Cry for You,” which came later in the set. The mood was mellow and laid back in The Ogden Theatre, and by the time the show came to a close, fans were sure to leave feeling fulfilled, and if they weren’t, they still had the chance to catch a second dose of the band at their DJ set at The Larimer Lounge later in the night.