Episode 003 - Wax Lashes

Photo: Jeff Davenport

Photo: Jeff Davenport

Matilde Vanfleet, or Wax Lashes has been playing her material around Denver for the past few years now. Blake sits down with her to discuss the music scene at large and debuts brand new songs from her upcoming album, Bones. Other discussion topics include The Black Actor’s Guild, black feminism in Beyonce’s Lemonade, the recently closed Strange Grounds Cafe, and her new band, Cult of Personality.

Jordan Altergott of the Prelude Press also stops by to discuss her photography endeavors, and gives tips to those who may be interested in following the same path.



Featured Music:

Flagship Discotheque - TV Vibes
Wax Lashes - Kaleidoscope (Live Performance)
Wax Lashes - Torches (Live Performance)
Wax Lashes - Untitled (Live Performance)

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