Episode 001 - Aidan Grapengeter of Postcards

Photo by Shannon Shumaker

A brand new show from Denver-based website, the Prelude Press. Staff writer Blake Britton interviews Denver-native bands on a bi-weekly basis. Discussions consist of upcoming projects from featured artists, acoustic performances, and more! Posted bi-weekly starting June 8th 2016.

In the inaugural episode of the Prelude Press Podcast, Blake talks to Aidan Grapengeter of Denver pop-punk band Postcards about the band's upcoming album, My Departure. They also discuss artist censorship, 7th Circle Music Collective, and Aidan's side project, Little Car.

My Departure is out June 10th. Catch Postcards at their CD release show on June 28th at The Moon Room in Denver. Tickets are available HERE

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