303 Day 2017: New Local Music Playlist

Photo: Shannon Shumaker

Photo: Shannon Shumaker

Colorado is constantly growing, whether the locals like it or not, but with this growth comes a constant stream of great new music from the Denver music scene. Over the past few years, our home state has become a melting pot of genres and a very strong community, creating the perfect environment for emerging artists.

Last year, we created a playlist for local music lovers to come together and enjoy any and all of Denver's talented musicians but for 303 Day 2017, we're doing things a little different. This year, we're showcasing some of the state's emerging artists and newest music released within the last nine months. The amount of new music coming from our state on any given month is incredible, and these new songs, albums and artists deserve to be heard! Help us celebrate some of Colorado's newest music by listening to the playlist, featuring artists such as One Flew West, Skyburial, Wildermiss, Iolite, AMZY and more below! 

We're lucky to live in such a colorful and musically diverse state, but because of that, it's nearly impossible to find every incredible artist in Colorado, and there are plenty of local bands who don't have music on Spotify. We'd love to hear about them, too, so be sure to let us know who you're currently listening to in the comments!*

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*If you are a local artist who has released new music within the last nine months and would like to be added to our playlist, please feel free to send us a message or leave us a comment! We'd love to celebrate you, too!