Artist Playlist: Loose Buttons' Favorite Songs to Keep You Warm Until Spring

New York's Loose Buttons will mend your broken heart with their new EP, Sundays, out later this month, but if you need something to keep you warm until February 24th, the band has got you covered! Waiting for winter to come to an end and spring to start can be torturous, but thankfully, the band has put together a short but sweet playlist full of songs to keep you warm until spring arrives (or at the very least, until Sundays drops!) The carefully created playlist can be heard below, and a full track by track walkthrough by the band can be read after the jump!

Fans can pick up Sundays on February 24th and listen to Loose Buttons' recently released single, "Am I The Only Reason?" HERE

Wash. - Bon Iver

Falling snow. What else does one hear when they listen to this gorgeous song? Not quite sure what the lyrics mean (as is common with Bon Iver), but you can't deny it's perfect for a stroll through the snowfall. Good winter to all.

Avril 14th - Aphex Twin

During the recording sessions for our EP, we would often here Adam (our drummer) playing this pretty little ditty at the piano. It really feels like the transition from winter to spring. From snow flurries to trees blooming. From February 14th to April 14th.

Daydreaming - Radiohead

Another tune that Adam would use to serenade us between recording takes. Sometimes in the bleak of winter, you just need to daydream of a warmer time and place.

Say Yes - Elliot Smith

This song rang true to the band, as half of us dealt with breakups during the recording of the EP. "Instead of falling down, I'm standing up the morning after." It'll get better. It did get better. And this cold ass winter will get better in no time.

Changes - David Bowie

There've been a lot of changes going on in our personal lives and in the world of late. Relationships ending, relationships forming, Donald Trump becoming president, 60 degree days in the middle of winter... But we just turn and face the strange. RIP DB

Aphasia - Pinegrove

To be honest, this tune has nothing to do with winter. It's just a fucking great song, and they are one of the best new bands to emerge on the indie rock scene. Check them out, you won't be sorry you did.

Used To Be - Beach House

It's imperative to have a Beach House song on here, as all we can look forward to during the winter is the eventuality of summer when we will be relaxing at our respective beach houses. Just kidding, we don't have beach houses.

Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys

We know that it’s a super classic Beach Boys song but it portrays a younger, more innocent view of love and relationships - a theme present throughout our upcoming EP. And in addition to their beachy band name, this song just feels like frolicking in the warm sun, doesn't it? Now wouldn't that be nice...