What's Going Down In Denver: January 2016 Playlist

Everyone kicks off the new year in a different way. Some people start with new year's resolutions, others start by trying new things, and some people ring in the new year by starting over. And then some of us like to begin with a bang, or more importantly, a good concert.

Not only are there plenty of great tours coming through Denver in January, such as Jack's Mannequin's Everything In Transit tour, which has already sold out The Ogden Theatre, or Cruel Hand's show at The Marquis Theater with Drug Church and Uneasy Peace, but there are also quite a few local gems ringing in the new year the right way as well, like Thunderthief and Kaji at The Marquis or Modern Suspects and 888 at The Gothic Theatre. Whatever the genre, January is already packed full of great shows to start 2016 off right, and what better way to kick things off than with some good music?

All dates are listed below!

1/8 - Thunderthief & Kaji @ The Marquis Theater - Tickets
1/9 - Modern Suspects & 888 @ The Gothic Theatre - Tickets
1/16 - Jocelyn & Chris Arndt @ Larimer Lounge - Tickets
1/17 - Cruel Hand @ The Marquis Theater - Tickets
1/17 - Corsicana @ The Bluebird Theater - Tickets
1/19 - Free Throw & Sinai Vessel @ Seventh Circle Music Collective
1/21 - Gleemer @ Lost Lake Lounge - Tickets
1/22 - Jack's Mannequin @ The Ogden Theatre
1/22 - Joel Ansett @ Syntax Physic Opera
1/25 - Chase Huglin & Sundressed @ Seventh Circle Music Collective
1/27 - Madeon @ The Ogden Theatre - Tickets
1/30 - Jule Vera @ Summit Music Hall - Tickets