Watch If I Fail's New Music Video for "Undesirable"

Denver pop-rock band If I Fail have released the powerful and emotional music video for their brand new track, "Undesirable." The song comes from the band's upcoming EP out July 14th, 2017. Watch the video now below! 

Of the video, vocalist Colin Mulhern said, "The song itself is a direct reflection of how I've felt about myself for a lifetime. In every aspect of my life. The video depicts the consequence of having this mind state for too long. I don't ever wanna hear about someone feeling undesirable but realistically, I'm sure many of us have felt that way. IF I FAIL has always been a band that folks can relate to or could have at least at one point in their life, unfortunately. Undesirable, like all of our songs, is about how I feel and how the band feels. When asked how the video for the song Undesirable should go, I told them 'Well this is what I want to do every time I'm told I'm undesirable, so let's do that.'"