Listen to Bay Faction's New Single, "Pendulum"

Boston based indie rock band Bay Faction have released their new single, "Pendulum," the perfect antidote for summer melancholia as the second half of the year begins. Of the new track, the band commented, "I wanted this to feel untouched and juvenile. The notion of rebirth and healing are what inspired me most for this track."

Doused with lead singer, James McDermott's immersive baritone croon, a possessive bass line by Kris Roman, and melodic percussion thanks to Alex Agresti, the result is hypnotic delirium. Overwhelmingly visual, the track depicts repetitious activity. Getting caught up in unbearable actions, with no reason other than habit. A relatable subject for many caught in a cycle of useless spending, waiting for the perfect reason to walk away. Listen to the track now below!