So Much Light Announces New Album & Releases New Track, "Be Afraid"

New wave pop artist, So Much Light (aka Damien Verrett), has announced his debut record Oh, Yuck. The self-produced album is set for release August 11 via Anti- Records

In addition to the announcement, So Much Light has released a new track entitled “Be Afraid,” featuring Chicago artist Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. According to Verrett, "'Be Afraid' is about Trump and the blind faith of his staunchest supporters. Despite telling them, 'I’m a monster, be afraid' the crowd cheers on." 

The video depicts a doll who is brought to life. As he becomes more animated, he revels in his new humanity, until he is forced to confront the turmoil that comes with it. Watch the video now below. 

In a small suburban bedroom, So Much Light was born, an amalgam of man and character, story and history, natural and manipulated. Using his voice as a tool for progress, Verrett effectively pushes the boundaries of what pop music should sound like--and what it should say. Combining Drake’s vulnerability, the vocal affectation of The Weeknd and Jack Antonoff’s musical production prowess, Verrett created a socially conscious full-length debut, Oh, Yuck

Utilizing both acoustic and electronic sounds, Oh, Yuck is wrought with textural soundscapes grounded by programmed orchestral compositions, sprightly guitar lines and thrashing drums. Lyrically, Verrett puts traditional R&B tropes in a funhouse mirror and warps the genre’s bravado into a parody of itself.

Oh, Yuck Track Listing

1.    New Game

2.    Little Fanfare

3.    Full Body Mirror

4.    Love That Never Fades

5.    Stomping Ground

6.    Be Afraid

7.    Idiot Soul

8.    Artificial Sweeteners

9.    Summoner

10.  Deep Down

11.  Ultra Sunrise

12.  Flagship

13.  Game Over

14.  Let It Absorb You