Megosh Announces Dates for 'The Apostasy Couch Tour'

Megosh have announced the full details regarding The Apostasy Couch Tour, following the band's debut album, Apostasy, which was released last December with Outerloop Records. Previously, the band gave fans the opportunity to be a direct part of the tour and book a Megosh show at their house! While these are private shows for invite only, fans can head to YouTube to check out daily coverage from their adventures. Full dates and routing are listed below.

"We did it! We successfully booked our 3rd official Couch Tour. These tours are no easy task as we have to book around our fans' plans, small town or living situations to make some of them possible. With 14 dates and only one off day, Megosh leaves July 1st to lightly touch the south and hit the north hard. We are even going up to Canada for a date! We can't wait to personally meet each recipient and look forward to learning about them and making new friends." - Josh Grosscup 

Follow Along with Megosh:

July 1 - Warrenton, VA @ Uh, Yeah, That Place
July 2 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Bedford Strikes Back! 
July 3 - Wake Forrest, NC @ The Shire Den
July 4 - Sparrow Point, MD @ That Noisy House In Beachwood
July 5 - Mohawk, NY @ Brian's House
July 6 - Kingston, ON, Canada @ Jony's House
July 7 - Brighton, MA @ Zakki's Batcave Pt. 2 Electric Bugaloo
July 8 - Budd Lake, NJ @ Shitheed House
July 9 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Underground
July 10 - Louisville, KY @ Bryan & Amber's Boom Boom Boom
July 11 - Elizabethtown, KY @ Tori's Mom's House
July 12 - Frankfort, IN @ Liz's Place... Again
July 14 - Sterling Heights, MI @ Return To The Alamo
July 15 - Boiling Springs, PA @ Brownhaven Homestead