End Of The World Release Music Video for "One More Night"

End of the World have released a new music video today for “One More Night,” which perfectly reflects the creative energy and expressionism that has become a staple of the Tokyo-based band. The video, which follows the love story of two plastic bags, accompanies their first ever global single, which is available on all major streaming services.

With a nod to the iconic scene from the Oscar-winning film American Beauty, a cameo by DNCE, and dancing anthropomorphic plastic bags falling in love, coupled with the shimmering, dancey indie pop track, the “One More Night” video is a perfect spirit lifter that brings on an early feeling of Summer. End of the World glowingly spoke of the video’s positivity, saying: "We love the video and how Mr. Plastic Bag goes in search for love it just shows how everyone needs love deserves love! Our favorite part is when he finally finds his love and dances together with Ms. Plastic Bag; we think the whole scene is so stylish and cute."

A surreal love story of two plastic bags and the journey it takes for them to meet, the “One More Night” is sure help continue the group’s expanding reach. Their first ever global single, End of the World worked tirelessly to craft every aspect until perfection, saying “we’ve changed both lyrics and arrangements over and over again until it felt absolutely right.” Already at almost 100,000 audio streams on Spotify and praise like “bonafide pop song for everyone” from All Things Go, it is apparent that their focus and hard work is paying off.

Fitting to the theme of the band’s name, the origin of End of the World began at the lowest point of lead singer-songwriter Fukase’s life. Due to his continuous battle with mental illness, Fukase checked himself into a psychiatric hospital at 17 years old and spent a year of his life in specialized care. In order to regain what had been lost in his life, he began fully enveloping himself in his music and found renewed life through penning his honest feelings into song. Years later, Fukase reconnected with a few childhood friends and began writing and playing music as a group. The result of these writing sessions created a unique blend of Top 40 pop-hooks with lyrics themed to subjects like atheism and anarchy. As a nod to Fukase’s history in the inception of his music, the band collectively chose the name SEKAI NO OWARI, which translates to End of the World. Despite the ominous name, it was a new beginning for the band.

Building from the success they have garnered in their home country of Japan, Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE, the four members of End of the World, are hellbent on expanding their project into the global music market, and ready to work for it. From their early days as a band playing to audiences of 30 people in their homemade studio/club space, to now selling out two nights at Japan’s Nissan Stadium (totaling to 140,000+ tickets sold), End of the World aren’t strangers to the hustle of the industry, which fuels their need to seek further excellence for their craft. In order to refine their skills to better fit the US music market, the band sought the help of friends and producers, some including Clean Bandit, Owl City, and Nicky Romero, and are expected to release new music this year, featuring some of their sessions with these artists.