PREMIERE: WVM Shares New Song, "Blood"

Los Angeles-based musician and visual artist WVM is sharing a brand new track, "Blood," today with The Prelude Press. The haunting and theatrical new track follows WVM's previously released "Sown" and was inspired partially by film - something the songwriter has quite a bit of experience with. 

WVM, who derives his name from wavelengths, used to release his earlier demos under a number of different monikers and licensed to TV shows and video games such as UFC 3Sony Computer Entertainment's Infamous 2 official "Karma" trailer, Syfy's "Being Human," Teen Nick's "Degrassi," CBS's "Criminal Minds Trailer" and "Hostages", as well as many other TV shows and video games. Most recently the song "Empire" was licensed to an episode of "The 100" on CW which will air this new season. 

Read what WVM had to say about "Blood," and listen to the song now below:

"I am very inspired by movies, a lot of times something I’ll see visually will translate sonically in my mind. Movies like “Blade Runner” are a big inspiration for me, I love fat analog sounds. As far as the lyrics are concerned I went deep into my childhood and into my psyche to forgive. The lyrics are about forgiveness of someone who cut deep inside but that person is your blood, so even though I cut off all connection to that person, I am saying, I no longer have hate, just forgiveness. This song is my coming to terms with that, letting go."

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