PREMIERE: Nightlove Releases Debut Music Video for "Alright"

Denver retro pop artist Nightlove has released the music video for his debut single, "Alright." The video, which was directed by Thomas Helvenstine can be seen below!

Nightlove's Taylor MacNicholas had the following to say about the new project: 

"Nightlove has been a life long dream. As a high schooler I remember watching skate videos and being introduced to some great 80's artists, whether it was David Bowie or New Order, I just attached to it. It wasn't until my twenties where I really started to fully dive in to full records. A few years ago I started writing songs but they never came into fruition. Last year I quit my job and moved to Texas and found my sound. I came back to Colorado, hooked up with the right people and here I am. I can't thank all the people involved enough. I'm not sure what I want out of this project but I know my family likes it and that's a first. Enjoy."

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