Chain Gang of 1974 Releases New Song, "Wallflowers" & Announces New Album Out 6/23

The Chain Gang of 1974, the synth-pop project of Kamtin Mohager, has announced new album FELT to be released June 23 via Caroline Records. In addition, a new single, "Wallflowers" is streaming now! Listen to the song now below.

FELT will be Mohager's third full-length album as The Chain Gang of 1974. The LP is preceded by Wayward Fire and Daydream Forever, both critically noted for the distinct, synth-heavy surrealism which wooed music lovers the world over. Lead tracks "I Still Wonder" and "Slow" demonstrate the evolved, Technicolor soundscape listeners can expect in the 9-track collection. 

Mohager worked with Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous to produce FELT. The pair met while on tour together in 2012 but connected on a more genuine level in 2015, bonding over a shared sense of artistic uncertainty. Mohager credits Powers with much of the confidence required of the exceptionally honest songwriting found on this new record. He says, "These songs represent me as a human being.  They're as honest than anything I have ever done in the past." Brave sincerity blends well with Chain Gang's multi-textured, vibrant melodies, creating an experience both emotionally provocative and physically irresistible. Tastefully swaying progressions provide a powerful backdrop for penetrative lyricism, letting listeners relate just as much as they enjoy.

In addition to delving more deeply into emotional tumult than any previous releases, FELT exhibits a greater attention to polished production. Mohager says, "I knew that in order for Chain Gang of 1974 to continue, I had to begin exploring new sounds, and to push my boundaries even further." Fans new and old will find it easy to indulge in an album that's equal parts pop appeal and strikingly honest, human experience. FELT is available for pre-order today.