Watch MURS' Powerful New Video for "GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)"

MURS has released the music video for "GBKW" from his forthcoming album, Captain California, out next Friday, March 10th. 

Short for "God Bless Kanye West," MURS delves into the lives of three young black men trying to survive modern America in the midst of the societal situations that regularly put them in precarious positions. MURS feels that Kanye West, who said that he needed help for some of his mental issues, is representative of a lot of young black men.

"As a people, we need therapy," MURS opines. "If black America was one person, it would need a lot of therapy. But in our community, we don't get a lot of help. The people that are surrounding Kanye are not giving him the help required. But people are criticizing him coming out and saying he needs help. Kanye's been through a lot. We're all going through it and we don't have the mental health services that are necessary in our community."

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