Nerd Prom Returns to Summit Music Hall Saturday, April 8th; Featuring MC LARS, MEGA RAN, Andy Rok & The Real Deal and More!

Do you have an inner geek that is just dying to be freed? Come, join us on Saturday, April 8th as ‘Nerds Unite’ for the 6th Annual “NERD PROM!” KTCL’s DJ ALF (93.3) & Rick will serve as Masters of Ceremonies once again, DJ BOY HOLLOW will kick off the party, with ROCKET SURGEONS, ANDY ROK & THE REAL DEAL, MEGA RAN and MC LARS rockin’ the night away in nerdy style. 

This year’s “Nerds Unite!” theme represents the best part of the nerd community: the idea that we’re all different, but we’re all in it together. From Star Trek to Star Wars, Dumbledore’s Army to the Mario Kart crew, Walking Dead to Shaun Of The Dead, whichever fandom you belong to, we all share a passion for stories and characters bigger than ourselves. Whether you’re a Klingon or from Krypton, you rep DC or Marvel, the aim of Nerd Prom is to be a welcoming, open space for Nerds of every class, creed and color to come together and celebrate the diversity that makes all nerds great.

* A Nerd Prom King & Queen will be ‘Lego crowned’ on the night of the show. To enter for consideration you’ll need to go to & enter now (finalists will be chosen 3/31.)

* Register for the Costume/CosPlay Contest @ for 3 chances to win, including ‘Craftsmanship’, ‘Presentation’ & the granddaddy of them all, the ‘Best In Show’ Award. (Register by 3/31.)

*  Live Gaming Tournament will take place at Nerd Prom as well, players can sign up when doors open at 7pm.

(Winners will receive a variety of Nerdy Loot provided by our amazing, generous Nerd Prom sponsors – each prize pack is unique, just like the winners!)

So recycle that HS prom dress or tux... Dress to the nines… Sport the outfit you’re gonna wear to Comic-Con this year. Strive for NERD PROM GLORY & we’ll see you on April 8th @ Summit Music Hall!

Link to 2016 NERD PROM Photo Booth Pictures: & YES, the Nerd Prom Photo Booth will be back once again!!!