7 Minutes in Heaven Sign to RUDE Records

Photo: Jonathan Kemp 

Photo: Jonathan Kemp 

7 Minutes In Heaven have signed with Rude Records, an independent record label based in Europe and distributed worldwide. Fans can be on the lookout for new music coming soon, but in the meantime, the band pieced together a video announcement, which can be seen below! 

7 Minutes in Heaven had this to say about the signing: 

"Being such an active DIY band, signing to a label has never been our end goal but once we met Rude, we knew this was the right move! It's all new territory for us and we're happy to be joining a family that shares the same purpose and passion that we do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that's been a part of this journey, we're excited to begin a new chapter with you. Expect new music this year, we think you might like it."

Rude Records had this to say about the signing: 

"Hard to find so passionate, talented, open-minded and hard-working dudes as 7 Minutes in Heaven are. It could be nothing but love at first sight, absolutely wanted them to be part of the Family and to start over a new and incredible adventure together. We really can't wait to show the fans what we all got up our sleeves!"