Ray Hodge Releases Music Video For Cover of Katy Perry's "Rise"

Ray Hodge has partnered Cliché Magazine to unveil an official music video for his cover of Katy Perry's "Rise." The video, directed by Alexa San Roman (HEIRSOUND, Love, Robot) can be seen below! Instrumentation of the track was produced by Mikey Cross.

This is what Ray had to say about the video and why he chose to cover "Rise:"

"I chose to cover  'Rise'  by Katy Perry was because it resonates with my EP 'Braveheart'  The song is like a new chapter to me, when you're rising from the feeling of loneliness and hurt, and down for the fight for oneself and rising from the ground after pushing and falling for so long. I chose it because it's about not giving up." - Ray Hodge