PREMIERE: Never Let This Go Release Lyric Video For "Better"

Arizona's Never Let This Go is premiering the lyric video for their emotionally powerful and inspirational track, "Better" today with The Prelude Press! 

Written during what vocalist/guitarist David Kleinebreil describes as “the hardest year of his life,” the new track came about when he came to find out his mother would be facing her second battle with cancer. The news came just before Never Let This Go's last release, Believe, but with her support, they decided to still release their new music and tour in support of the record. 

A month later, and following his mother’s successful liver transplant, Kleinebreil and drummer Vic Chan entered the studio in Atlanta to work with producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel/Mayday Parade/All Time Low). The resulting songs are honest and personal, but most of all, uplifting. 

Listen to "Better" now below! 

"Better" is a song that encompasses many of the feelings I had shortly after my mom was diagnosed with cancer, for the second time. I looked for ways to cope with the anger, the sadness, and the fear that I might lose her. Cancer is more than just a disease and it leaves a lot of anguish behind. I genuinely hope that anyone who has had their lives affected by cancer can seek out a positive outlet for those negative feelings. Do not let them control you. Do not let them define you. You can, and you will, get better." - David Kleinebreil (Vocals)