Listen To "Sweet Diane," The New Track From Michigan Rattlers

Americana duo, Michigan Rattlers (consisting of Graham Young and Adam Reed), have released “Sweet Diane,” the second track from their upcoming self-titled debut EP. Listen to the song now below! 

Similar to their first single “Illinois Sky,” “Sweet Diane” highlights the pair’s incredible storytelling abilities through song. “The story of ‘Sweet Diane’ as a whole is fictional, but there's a lot of real stuff tied up in there,” says Reed. “It’s the story of a woman who has experienced love and then loss in her life. Something most all of us have felt at some point. And it's about the struggle of her trying to move forward and her really coming to terms with the fact that life does go on. The past is always going to be with you but it doesn't have to stop you from having new experiences. Ultimately, it's a hopeful song.”