Dinosaur Pile-Up Release New Song, "Nothing Personal"

Dinosaur Pile-Up have released their latest single “Nothing Personal” off their upcoming album, ELEVEN ELEVEN (Out August 26, 2016 via SO Recordings). At track five, “Nothing Personal” tears through the middle of the record at breakneck speed, opening with a volatile riff a la Queens of the Stone Age that barrels into an infectious, sawtoothed chorus, revealing the band’s punk chops.

“'Nothing Personal' is an out and out shredder,”  explains vocalist and guitarist Matt Bigland“It's a kind  of nihilist speed race. Full throttle and no beliefs. It's about transitory relationships and escapism.  I  remember kind of  being worried about tryiing to put it down in the studio, because the energy of the song was so high, and it was relentlessly fast. I was worried that Mikey on the drums would burn out or something. Sure, he nailed it in one take. I ate my words. It was unbelievable. The version you're listening to is the first take, no more no less.”