Letlive. Release Limited Edition Charity T-Shirt In Support of NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Letlive. has announced a limited edition t-shirt created specifically as a reaction to ongoing gun violence and police brutality cases in communities across America – especially those that have communities that have shown statistically targeted violence by the hands of authority. The t-shirt lists the name of every person who has died as a result of police misconduct in 2016. On the front is the letlive. song title “Good Mourning, America” in which the band addresses the issues.
Proceeds from the t-shirt will be donated to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense Fund.

Listen to letlive.’s powerful song “Good Mourning. America” now:

 Letlive. front man Jason Butler explains:
“As one of the lightest persons of color on my block I struggled to find an identity within my demographic...until the respective law enforcement agency arrived. It was in those moments I was reminded of how I was to identify in this country. A construct that was created, not chosen. It was in those moments I knew that I was part of the ‘other’ section of our society. I experienced treatment that challenged the worth of our bodies and, sadly, I am reminded of such systems all too often with moments like these.
It shouldn't take a band releasing a shirt with the names of those slain by the ones appointed to keep them safe for people to realize what is happening outside of their doors, but I sure as hell do hope it helps.”
The limited edition charity t-shirt can be pre-ordered at http://found.ee/ll_iitd_store. Letlive’s new album If I’m the Devil… is out now on Epitaph.