PREMIERE: Finding Common Ground Release New Song "Topsoil" From Upcoming EP

It has been a little over a year since we've heard new music from Denver pop-punk group, Finding Common Ground (who released their last EP, The Time That's Passed in early 2015) but good things take time, and this was well worth the wait. Today, The Prelude Press is excited to premiere "Topsoil," the first new track from Finding Common Ground's upcoming EP, Emergence! Listen to it now below! 

The band had this to say about "Topsoil" and the upcoming EP: 

"Topsoil is a song about realizing that you need to leave both a tangible place and the intangible headspace that's attached to it to better yourself as a person. These three songs (and this song in particular) feel like a "goodbye" in a way. Most of our writing up to this point has been focused on internal struggle. Emergence is the next step, what's going to come after that. It's a resolution to deal with stumbling blocks and larger problems in life more maturely, and a realization that you have to coexist with your own shortcomings along the way."

The new three-song EP is set for digital release on September 16th with physical copies coming October 3rd. Finding Common Ground will also be playing their EP release show at The Marquis Theater on October 3rd alongside Such GoldAnterrior and GUTS. Tickets are available HERE.

Emergence is Finding Common Ground at their strongest yet. The songs, which were written over a three year time period, are filled with the same energy and emotionally powerful vocals that listeners came to love with The Time That's Passed, but with a renewed passion, plenty of fire and a polished sound that will leave you hanging on every note. But don't just take our word for it - give "Topsoil" a listen below! 

About "Emergence":

"Emergence is a collection of three songs that we have been working on in some shape or form for the past three years. Each one of them sort of reflects those years, and coming out of them as a different person. Frustration with the every day problems of a early-20's aged person in 2016, from crippling student debt, to moving every single year, to strangely painful nostalgia. We took a great amount of time to ensure that people can listen and relate to the lyrics very easily, hoping that some of our cries of frustration can stick."