PREMIERE: JUNE dARK Shares New Song, "Gasoline Tears"

South Korean pop artist JUNE dARK will be releasing her new EP, Playing With Fire later this week on September 2nd, but is giving listeners one last taste test today in the form of her emotionally powerful new single, "Gasoline Tears." 

Playing With Fire marks a departure from June's metal days with the band Clandestine, and although the transition might have been rough for the singer (who dealt with debilitating self-doubt and depression as she went through the process of evolution as an artist) the result is a very empowering and confident release - a little something for the underdog in all of us. Fans can listen to "Gasoline Tears" now below! 

JUNE dARK was born June Park in South Korea. June means "Light," and Park means "Naive" in Chinese characters. She was alienated in school as she wore a futuristic silver miniskirt, concealed pieces of colored locks under a bed of natural black, listened to obscure, illegally-imported heavy metal in the corner of a classroom and kept to herself while everyone else was talking about teenage boy bands. While some kids liked her enough to be indifferent, some kids wanted to kill her for being different. Weird and quiet -- June laid low under such definitions until she quit high school after 3 months and moved to America by herself to pursue original music. That was when the first letter of the last name reversed, and JUNE dARK was born with a mission to fearlessly explore the light and dark sides within all of us through creative expression.  

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