Of Mice & Men Releases Touching Music Video For "Real"

Of Mice & Men have released the touching new music video for "Real," off their highly anticipated new album, Cold World out September 9th via Rise Records

Directed by Max Moore, the "Real" video is dedicated to the memory of 14-year-old Cassy Colunga, who recently passed away after battling brain cancer. The band first met with Cassy through the Living The Dream Foundation and upon hearing that her condition worsened, arranged for a visit while recording the album. They spent the day with Cassy and her family, brought her to the studio for a preview of the record (she was the first person outside of the band, producer and engineer to hear the album) and recorded her handclaps for "The Lie", an epic Cold World track that finds frontman Austin Carlile venting his frustrations about the medical system and "calling out the one percent for not taking care of the people they should be," he explains.

"Now Cassy's name and the sound of her clapping hands are on the record," says Carlile. "It's something that captures that moment and that relationship forever. When we think about everything we went through to make this record, that's something that we'll never forget."