Lavoy Release New Music Video For "Smile"

Alt pop five-piece band Lavoy have released a new music video for their sunny synth-pop single "Smile." The clip captures the reaction of people while listening to the upbeat song. The video can be viewed below:

"We really wanted to make a video that displayed some of the beauty of the pacific Northwest and we also wanted to involve our friends," singer Tyrell L. Tompkins explained. "We feel like Spokane's beauty gets overlooked and we wanted to display that but really didn't have any specific ideas at the time. We had our good friend who directed and shot the video tell us that he felt like 'Smile' was such a happy song that it needed to be a video that felt free and careless and could really display some cool parts of the area without focusing on it too much and that the best way to display that feeling was to have a bunch of our friends come out and dance and just have a good time. We're very proud of it and wouldn't have been able to pull it off without such good friends and their influence."

Blending and layering hints of modern Alt-Pop and 80's nostalgia, Lavoy is alternative's answer to Ellie Goulding. The band is from a remote town in Alaska where they had to contend with quite a few distinct challenges. Touring meant driving a minimum of eight hours to the next city. Wintertime meant round the clock darkness and below freezing temperatures - less than ideal conditions for dragging musicians out to nightly six-hour rehearsals. 

The band released 3 independent albums in Alaska and built up a local following. In 2013, they quit their jobs, sold their houses and moved their families into a 4,000 square foot home in Spokane, Washington. They wrote and rehearsed daily while crafting their upbeat, sunny synth-pop sound. Lavoy's forthcoming EP, produced by Casey Bates (Portugal. The Man, INXS, Pierce The Veil, MxPx), will be released later this year.