Alexa Wilding Premieres Video For "Wolves"

Alexa Wilding has premiered her new music video for "Wolves" as well as an exclusive download of "Stars" today! Wilding officially released her new EP Wolves on July 8th via her own Tiny Prism label - Wolves is now available to stream via Baeble Music and Spotify, and to purchase via BandcampiTunes and Amazon

Check out the music video for "Wolves" below! 

While Wilding is best known for her celestial folk (2009's self-titled debut and 2012's astral Coral Dust), her third album is eerily earth side. The six songs unfold as Polaroids, revisiting lovers past and life on the road before Wilding became a mother of twins in 2013. What the album does not directly address is the nightmare during which the songs were written, on a borrowed toy piano, in the hospital while her son underwent (successful) treatment for cancer. "It was fight or flight," Wilding explains, "Instead of running away I retreated into song, to memory, making peace with the past so I could step up, 'do like the wolves do,' and fight for my family's future."

Reflecting on this difficult time, Wilding explains, "I had yet to come to terms with being a new mother, let alone the crisis I was in the middle of, so I turned to the only thing I knew how to do. I wrote at night, to escape really, revisiting people and places I missed, reliving moments, life on the road, relationships, all pre-motherhood. The songs kept us company, I made peace with the past, and we both made it out alive."