PREMIERE: Valienta Release Lyric Video For New Song, "Only Human"

Colorado trio, Valienta is excited to share their first new single under their new band name. "Only Human" is not only the first track that the band, formerly known as Racing On The Sun will release under Valienta, but it also showcases a fresh new sound and quite a bit of promise for their new material. Watch the lyric video for the hauntingly beautiful "Only Human" below.

"The song is about challenging the line between people being flawed by nature and being flawed by choice. I referenced a lot of spiritual and supernatural figures and topics in contrast to flesh and earthly things to start the conversation about why we as a species are fascinated with being beyond 'human' or 'greater' than what our ordinary expectations are. The chorus lyrics 'If we're only human then why do we fight with demons?' is kind of a sarcastic way of saying 'If we are so ordinary and designed to fail, then why do we feel guilt, shame, and strive to be something of the likes of the spiritual or supernatural?'" - Alfonso Cervantes (Vocals, guitar)

Over the past few months, Valienta has been in the studio in Austin, TX with Anberlin guitarist Joseph Milligan, hard at work on their fresh new EP. Follow the band on Facebook for updates and show announcements. Until then, "Only Human" is sure to hold fans over and keep them satisfied.

"We are so incredibly excited to release this single under the new name Valienta. We had entertained the idea of changing our name for quite some time now. We are also so excited to be making music that we are proud of and that isn't afraid to experiment and branch out of the normal alternative rock vein we have been in for so long. With a full new direction of sound and attitude we only saw it fit to identify ourselves as an entirely new "idea". We maintain hungrier and more passionate hearts to pursue the love and expression of our art and look forward to our new life after this rebirth." -Racing On The Sun