PREMIERE: Tyler Digital & Franklin Jones Team Up For Visual Album, "Exit 8"

The Prelude Press is excited to bring you the premiere of visual album and short film Exit 8. The story follows a terrified young woman as she flees into the summer night with her child in tow, desperate to escape her past. However, close behind is  a distraught man and a frightening sense of potential violence between the two. As things escalate, Exit 8 takes you through many dangerous twists and turns, a sense of dread hanging over the main character, Mary her pursuer, Travis and young daughter, Sophie.  

Helping the post-Hitchcockian mystery come alive is the suspenseful and intense soundtrack from electronic composer Tyler Digital, which is set to release later in August. Tyler Digital had the following to say about his work on the film:

"If you listen to the music on its own, I think you can hear the entire narrative taking place. Hopefully that can pique the curiosity of anyone who hears it so they want to know exactly what this story is about. Just watch Exit 8. It's nuts."

Franklin Jones, writer and director of the short film added, “Few things are more powerful than the timeless bond between mother and child. With Exit 8, we hope to explore the horrific realities of what those few things have to offer."

Watch Exit 8 below and witness the wild ride for yourself:


//Exit 8

Samantha Elkins
Travis Bailey
Hannah Lees
& the voice of Evan Simmons

Written & Directed by Franklin Jones
Cinematography - Jessica Oswald
Original Music & Editing - Tyler Digital
Main Camera Operator - Jessica Oswald
Production Design - Franklin Jones, Jessica Oswald
Audio Mixing  - Tyler Matthews
Visual Effects - Tyler Matthews
Additional Effects - Jason F. Stroud
Casting - Franklin Jones
Costume Design - Jessica Oswald, Franklin Jones
Makeup - Jessica Oswald
Logo Design - W. Hayward Sims