Dinosaur Pile-Up Release New Song "Friend Of Mine"

Photo Credit: Shuya Nakano

Photo Credit: Shuya Nakano

UK-based alt-rockers DINOSAUR PILE-UP have just released their new high-octane single “Friend of Mine”. The new track charges through its colossal intro, briefly peaking into a crystalline ‘90s melody, before diving head first into the songs indelible chorus.

“A lot of people think 'Friend of Mine' is about a crush or relationship, but it's actually about something pretty surface level,” says Vocalist/guitarist Matt Bigland. “A while back I broke a rib just before we went on tour for like a month straight through India and Japan. It was the opposite of great. Screaming your lungs out with a broken rib is next level painful. Even laughing was intense pain! The doctor gave me these heavy pain killers so that I could play shows without feeling anything, warning that they were pretty addictive. So here I was playing these shows, dropping these pills to deal with the pain, jet-lagged to shit with the time difference and everything, trying to soften my intermittent anxiety here and there with a whiskey apple juice and all the while developing a pretty healthy addiction to those pills. Guess the doctor knew his shit. I wrote 'Friend of Mine' through those two tours about that whole bad situation.”

“Friend of Mine” is 1 of 11 tracks on Dinosaur Pile-Up’s third studio album ELEVEN ELEVEN being released via SO Recordings on August 26, 2016. Lauded as “skillfully-crafted blast of modern grunge, and well worth your time” by Rock Sound, ELEVEN ELEVEN takes the band into heavier and more intense territory, evoking the riffage and strains of their heroes Deftones, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins.
“What’s really exciting for us about this record is it's the first time we've ever been able to capture the energy and flow that we have live,” says Matt. “Because it's the first time we've recorded an album together in a room, like when we are playing live or rehearsing, we were able to shape the songs and put them down in the way we want to play them live. Whenever we wanted something to be heavier, or more intense, we just changed it there and then. It was awesome.”

Listen To "Friend Of Mine" Below: