Denver Musicians Band Together on #Ready For Rock Compilation

It's no secret that Denver has a vibrant and ever growing music scene. No matter how many Californians move in, or who’s going to be our President next year, there is one thing that never changes: Denver has awesome bands. With around 5 years of experience on the Denver scene, rock group Viretta has gotten to know a lot of them. Enter #readyforrock.

Although Viretta created the hashtag to push their single “People Are Snakes”, during last year's Hometown for the Holidays, frontman Mike Moroni said, "It was just the start of where we wanted to go with it. We asked ourselves, why doesn’t this band know that band? Why don’t these people go to these shows?”

Viretta’s answer? A compilation CD with as much Denver rock possible! The final result sources from all corners of the rock scene, with 100% of the profit going to Denver's Youth On Record, a non-profit founded by musicians. #readyforrock is going to help support Youth on Record’s goal to bring “empowerment and behavioral modification through music education to youth in Colorado who need it the most.” 

And what better way to do it than a compilation of some of Denver's best local acts? “We reached out to literally everyone we know,” explains guitarist Rob Moroni. “Our friend Mickey of Overslept and New Leverage tuned us onto a lot of great college bands that deserve a lot of attention, as well as mastering the compilation which was a big help. We wanted to have big names and little names, hardcore, alternative and light-rock all together on the same record, and I think we definitely succeeded!” 

#readyforrock is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp for a name your own price donation to Youth On Record. To stream the compilation and grab your copy, visit

With Volume 1 of #readyforrock out now, we can only hope that there will be even more installations in the future. Until then, donate and stream it below! 

Ready For Rock Vol. 1 is: 

Anterrior · MEDIC · Montoneros · My Body Sings Electric · New Leverage · Overslept · Racing on the Sun · Red Fox Run · SPELLS · Silver and Gold · Viretta · Wiredogs ·