Taylor Tucker Releases Heartfelt Ballad “Enough To Me”

Taylor Tucker has released "Enough To Me," the new single from her upcoming EP, The Leather ShoesFollowing the release of the saucy lead single “Leather Shoes,” Taylor is sharing a softer side to her songwriting, inspired by witnessing the constant unrelenting pressure to “fit in.” Read what Taylor had to say about the song and listen to it below:

“I wrote ‘Enough To Me’ on my ukulele for one of my sisters. It was the first completed song I’ve ever written. In the middle of writing the song, my inspiration expanded and shifted towards anyone in this world who has ever felt insecure and uncomfortable in their own skin. I want to let everyone know that they are enough and will always be enough,” explains Taylor. “The media has painted a picture of what happiness is supposed to be and how you can “achieve” happiness with the way you look and how you live. In order to do this, you must lose weight or gain muscle, fit into a specific size of pants, buy all the latest beauty brands and technology….and only THEN will you be happy. Give me a break. I believe you can find happiness within yourself, because once you find happiness within yourself, you don’t need all the other stuff in your life. You are already enough in every way possible.