Landon Williams Shares Funky New Track "See What I See"

LANDON WILLIAMS has premiered his new song “See What I See.” Driven by a practical and powerful work ethic that comes from being raised on his family’s cattle ranch, Landon has quickly established a powerful presence as an indie artist.

“At the time when I wrote ‘See What I See’ I was listening to a lot of Bobby Womack and Duran Duran and one night I came up with this chord progression that inspired the song's hook instantly” explains Williams. “Once I had that, all of the programming, verse melodies, and guitar fell into place, but I didn’t know where I wanted to go with the story lyrically. One night, weeks later I was watching the movie Pretty Woman. At that point and time I was really desperate for a storyline and was digging for any influence or inspiration I could find. So for the song's lyrics I really just created my own side story to Pretty Woman as I was watching it. I wrote ‘See What I See’ from the perspective of what would it be like to be a normal guy and having to compete against Richard Gere and his Delorean for Julia Roberts. Obviously she is a hooker but she is a mega babe with a good heart, and really just lost. With that I wrote the line ‘Baby just breathe, forget your diamonds, escape these ways and leave your reasons behind you, move on up.’”