PREMIERE: New Leverage Release Brand New Single, "Flux"

Denver, Colorado post-hardcore outfit, New Leverage are premiering their brand new single, "Flux" exclusively with The Prelude Press. The massive new song comes from the band's highly anticipated new album, Cycle Humwhich they've been teasing since early 2016, and features guest vocals from Elias Armao of Denver's Overslept

There isn't necessarily one word to describe New Leverage's sound or the emotional, "Flux," carried by soulful, longing vocals, intricate drums and a stellar bass tone that serves as a strong backbone, but it's safe to say that this quintet is well on their way to becoming one of Denver's next breakouts. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to "Flux" and read what the band's Mickey Postilion had to say about the song below:

"'Flux' (the first single off of our upcoming LP 'Cycle Hum') means being in a state of constant change. I think a big part of growing older is learning how to let people grow at their own paces. This song very much deals with that initial feeling of strain that happens when two old friends start to drift apart. There's an emotional urgency to the idea of not having this person right there next to you, not laughing at all of the same jokes, or listening to the same music anymore. It's a loneliness that's often extrapolated into anger. To me, 'It's the way you let me down, not the letting down,' means that there's an understanding that everyone falls short, but it's sometimes hard to believe someone so close to you could be so off from the way you see things."

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