This Broken Beat Releases New Single/Video For "Sweat & Blood"

Denver alternative pop band, This Broken Beat have a released a music video for their new single "Sweat & Blood." The song comes from their upcoming debut full length album.

The video for "Sweat & Blood" was produced by Justin Urban of UrbanImpression and can be viewed below!

This broken beat had the following to say about the song and accompanying music video: 

"The song comes from a background of those busy seasons that come in life. We were hoping to portray a sense of the pursuit of hard work with the title "Sweat & Blood". Those busy moments have a tendency to bring us down, but if we continue to push through the adversities and not give up, those dreams are just in arms reach (alluding to our music for us)! Even when the odds are against you, there's always hope is the overall message.

The reasons for the hands in the video was to relate to how most of us use our 'hands' for our jobs. We decided to invite all of the people who support us out to help be apart of the video!"

Lyrics for the song can be found below! Stay connected with this broken beat for more updates on Facebook

Hold up, we’re moving to fast now
caught up in the rhythm of the stereo’s uptown beat
bit off to much than we can feed, and its taking over
so far all the pieces don’t make make much sense
tryin so hard to comprehend
exactly what time has comin
filled up in the mind, hitting the ground running
And then, I'm constantly just wrestling
Torn between the arrows and the marks
That I invested
Don't you know there's electric in your heart
gravity you might regard as you’re shooting for the stars

And they whisper you’re all alone
the demons that just won’t let go

If this is really where we’ve come to be
just take it all in place of therapy
and when the distance doesn’t measure up
All for what, all for the sweat & Blood

The trouble is is that
the sun just ain't to patient
Revolving all around
Ain't got no time to be complacent
And what you're feeling is the
Pressure to perform
To contribute more
All along the tension of the norm
But ya see
Just stop drop proceed & overpower
And everything will come
In a timely manner by the hour
Cause the promise of tomorrow
Is a dust-up in the wind
and the sun is getting colder
everytime you don’t commit

so we'll sing for the times
when our minds have disappeared
when it gets a little blurry
when it gets a little smeared
yeah we'll sing for the days
when our minds have gone away
you never know how the unknown just might be something to embrace