Davey Muise to Donate 100% of Shovel Brand Proceeds to Homeless Teen Shelter

Davey Muise, best known for his unparalleled vocal abilities in the post-hardcore group Vanna, launched Shovel Brand at the tail end of 2015 and has unveiled the next layer of achievement with Shovel Brand today. Shovel Brand has announced it's highly anticipated 1 For 1 Campaign, in which for every merchandise item purchased, the exact item will be printed and shipped to help clothe homeless teens across America. To start, Shovel Brand will begin with a homeless teen center in Davey's hometown where he and his wife work and volunteer. But, this is just the start for the Shovel Brand! Muise wishes to open the opportunity up to homeless teen centers throughout the country and needs your help to continue spreading the positive message. Muise had this to say about the initiative:

"Everyone deserves the right to feel good. Think about that for a second. No matter who you are, where you are, you deserve to feel good about who and what you are. For us, we go to the mall, shop online to score the latest and greatest fashion trends and threads without giving it much thought other then it makes us feel good, and hey why not. But for those people out there without a home, without basic shelter and basic needs met, fashion is usually the last thing on their mind. Now for a second, imagine being a teenager, struggling to fit in and trying to dress cool. Trying to navigate the pressures of high school while finding your identity along the way. In America homelessness is a huge issue we are facing and sadly 40% of the homeless population is under 18 years old. For these kids, Instagram and face swapping snaps aren't their every day. Finding meals and shelter become their pressures. In spending time in a homeless teen shelter with my wife who works for the largest one in town right down the street from us, it got me thinking. I've watched these kids dig thru donation bins and even helped sift thru them myself and something struck me. These kids still go to high school, still try dating and having relationships even get jobs, yet we are expecting them to look and feel good while wearing old, dirty, out of date clothing that none of us wanted anymore? Why not give them the trends, the cool threads, the things that any teenager really wants. I know people have big hearts and always want to know how they can help but sometimes don't know where to begin. So here's my vision for Shovel Brand. A one for one based clothing company in where you buy a product from us and the exact size and style will get printed and shipped to the teen center we work with over here in New England, brand new never been worn. The thought is for you to then where your Shovel Brand product as a conversation starter as to what Shovel Brand is and what it means to be wearing it. This isn't about making money, as we won't be making any, this is about investing in someone's story, giving to someone in need. You want to help others feel good and wear the story like a badge that you help spread everywhere you go? Then help us clothe the kids of America. Our goal is to have a chapter in every state in America but it starts here with you. This is a revolution that people are already in need of. Will you join me, help others write their stories while you continue yours? All we need to do is dig in." - Davey Muise

A former school teacher, Muise lives his life by not only following his heart but by pursuing his passions without fear of judgement. He takes those passions and shares them with as many people as possible. For the last two years Muise has traveled to over 100 middle and high schools sharing his message of empowerment and overcoming adversity. He's harnessed the lessons he's learned from weathering the storms of depression, divorce, abandonment, and failure and uses them to help not only fuel his own flames but to inspire future generations to strive for a better life. Throughout his talks he delves into the pressing issues of anti-bullying, self-harm, and chasing one's dreams. The powerful talks have been well-received and Muise coins his travels as "one of the best ways to spend time outside of music." In doing so, Muise crafted Shovel Brand, a unique move that is set to mirror the messages he exudes in his speaking engagements and he hopes to promote the core ideals of never giving up, to find one's own identity. Finding one's shovel is never an easy task.

With a fascination of all things merchandising, printing, and design, Muise crafted the idea to create his own brand with a good cause. The merchandise of Shovel Brand is about wearing the item with pride, believing in one's self, and encouraging others around you. Muise continues, "It's about giving yourself armor to walk around the halls of your school, work, or home, giving you that extra boost you need to make it through the day. My hope is that by wearing these shirts, using these accessories will spark a conversation. What's shovel? What does that mean? Why are you wearing it? You are wearing an introduction to yourself. You are now able to share what your shovel is, and be proud of what helps you thru life. It's the same reason we get tattooed or dye our hair, we are expressing who and what we are to the world."

For more information on Shovel Brand head to www.daveymuise.com/shovelbrand