PREMIERE: The Blondies Share Powerful Music Video For "Just Another Evening"

California indie rockers The Blondies are releasing their emotionally powerful new music video for "Just Another Evening" today with The Prelude Press. Taken from the bands upcoming full length of the same name (out June 3rd) the song itself finds singer Simon Lunche crooning over stunning piano as the full band builds - it's a classically beautiful song, but even more signifiant is the message behind the song's accompanying video, which can be seen below.  

The video starts with a very typical, or in other words awkward, high school house party. In the video Simon runs into an ex, and then the feel-good PBR haze dissipates completely when what was meant to be a consensually fun evening turns into a complete nightmare. Handling the very serious topic of sexual assault, The Blondies hope that their video will raise awareness.

Just Another Evening is a critique on the culture surrounding many young people today. For me, the song came a lot out of fear. The anxiety I have as a teenager in a rape culture that something like that would happen to someone close to me” - Simon Lunche

The Blondies are young and that's not a bad thing. Instead of juvenile not-so-sly references for one night joy rides, The Blondies' principal songwriter Simon Lunche has spent a lot of time analyzing (and idolizing) his Beatles records and listening (really listening) to the women in his life. After curating a devout fan base in their hometown of Berkeley, CA,The Blondies are releasing their full length album Just Another Evening, the follow up to their 2015 album Beautiful Life.

Just Another Evening carries on the tradition of prep rock bands like The Kooks and The Strokes. Just Another Evening is a breakup record written and sung by a 17 year old. However, each track has far more careful introspection and reverent handling than an Alex Turner track, but with the same "youth in leather" chic.  

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