PREMIERE: Goldishack Shares New Single, "Preacher"

NYC's Goldishack has premiered his brand new track, "Preacher" exclusively with The Prelude Press. Carried by soulful vocals and smooth instrumentals, "Preacher," which features Steven Williams is a unique, otherworldly blend of electro-pop and R&B. The track was spawned in the  Lower East Side of Manhattan, from the studios of analog-obsessed sonic dissident Goldi and his community of collaborators.

“Preacher” is Goldishack's lead single off Neon Dream II (out May 2016), the second part of a collaborative double album from New York-based indie label Go Rogue Records’ roster—a dynamic voyage through a celestial soundscape, full of sparkling pop. 

Goldi had the following to say about the track: 

"Deep blues vocalist Steven Williams dishes out a dark performance on this track about a preacher in the end times.  Joined by a drum box, Patrick LeFrancois on bass, and an ambient cacophony of distorted synths."

Stay tuned for more new music from Goldishack.