PREMIERE: Postcards Release New Single, "Finding Common Ground"

The brand new single from Postcards' upcoming album, My Departure, arrived this morning. "Finding Common Ground" is the third of ten songs you can find on the band's new project which is set for release on June 10th.

You can stream the new track below, and watch the band perform it live at the Gothic Theater on April 15th, alongside Manic, 1000 Miles Of Fire and The Midnight Club. Tickets for the band's upcoming show are available HERE

My Departure is the band's follow-up to their Acoustic EP, which was released earlier this year. The album announcement was preceded by lyric stills on the band's social media outlets. You can check out the tracklist below:

Postcards - My Departure (tracklist)

1. Your Absence

2. Safety

3. Finding Common Ground

4. Runner/Chaser

5. Picture Me

6. Thank You and I’m Sorry

7. Misplaced

8. The Ocean and The Swimmer

9. Young Bones

10. New York