HAELOS Share Live SXSW Performance With Baeble Music

It's only been a month since The Baeble Bounce House took over SXSW, but the wait to get the newest concert captured on that glorious afternoon has been excruciating. Baeble's been excited about UK synth-poppers HAELOS; since the moment they crashed our shores early this year with their dark, atmospheric swirls of synth noise and hard-hitting, anthemic vocals. It's a Florence + the Machine by way of Echo; the Bunnymen kind of sound that is like little else we're getting in 2016, and when they brought their moody vibes to The Bounce House (on the release day of their spectacular debut, Full Circle, no less!), it was clear that HAELOS have a hell of a future ahead of them. 

Watch the dark, UK outfit HAELOS seduce The Baeble Bounce House with some seriously mesmerizing, synth-vibes now on the Baeble site in stunning 4K or via the Baeble Music app. To learn more about HAELOS, visit: http://haelos.com/

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